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Friday, July 16th 2010, 9:23pm

Author: -NH-assassin

insults to a -NH- member

From the time to join me to trial member i am attacked of some players,possible they hate me somehow.They knows the rules of our clan and insult me nonstop ,what can i do? sample Need More Fuzz is one of them ,how he may insult me actualy he insult our clan.I cant do nothing,another players laught me.

Thursday, July 8th 2010, 11:40pm

Author: -NH-assassin

application for joining to NH clan

Many thanx!!!! I have finally achieved the goal to become one of you.Flattered!!!!! I am suffering problems with my PC which I hope to get rid of the following week.Afterwards I wll join u at full speed!Once again, it's utmost honour to be among your team!It's a dream come true for me. For the first time being in multiplayer mode I am enjoying being part of it, and it became possible on yr. server!Thnaks to be one of u! Exciting indeed!! Thx to my Mom, my wife, my son, my dog- Nomad (his real na...

Monday, July 5th 2010, 7:59pm

Author: assassin

about me

Quoted from "-NH-Not_Alone_Here / Not_Alone" Hi and thx for request..... where u from and what are u doing in work......whats hobbys...... see yaa..... Hi , i am from Bulgaria.I working home design and interior finishies.My hobbies is play games spec. Crysis wars.I play for first time multyplaer crysis wars and i learn for this game only on steel mill -NH-server,i have over 1000 hours gaming on this server ,only P3ng play more than me I LOVE THIS SERVER ......and i have many friends from -NH-

Saturday, July 3rd 2010, 8:39pm

Author: assassin

application for joining to NH clan

Hi pals, I will kindly ask you to accept my request to become a member of your respectful organisation. It's been so long since I am attemtping it, so please review my application. Feel free to ask for any further details that will be of help. Expecting your soonest comments, assassin