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Date of registration: Jul 30th 2010

Posts: 2

My Games: Crysis Wars


Friday, July 30th 2010, 11:52am

Can i join to ur clan? ^

can i join your clan?

hello all -NH-players. i am wonder if i could join your
clan? my nick is h4ckEd.

i play offten, many people know me. i played crysis for 1 year.

my name is Piotr , i am from Poland. there is many players from poland
in nh server so i could translate them every rules etc..

age: 16 years old. :phat:
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Experte für Grafikkarten | Games | Hardware | CPUs | Gamerware

Registrierungsdatum: 07. July 2009

Beiträge: 780

My Games: Crysis
Crysis Wars
America´s Army

Montag, 6. Juli 2009, 21:19

And how good are you?!
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-NH- snakeeater/ BuTcHeR

Forum Moderator, 1.Recruit Officer (schlangenfresser, clanopa)

Date of registration: May 7th 2008

Posts: 269

My Games: Crysis
Crysis Wars
Far Cry 2

Location: munich

Hobbies: playing, fishing, climbing, skiing, photo, cooking, swimming


Friday, July 30th 2010, 8:54pm

Hello and welcome in the Noobhunters clan!

Here are your first briefing and to do,

1. Please write a -NH- before your name (if its not all ready done by an admin - if so login the next time with an -NH- before your username.)

2. Please read and note our clan rules (Ger&Eng) and our CRYSIS & CRYSIS WARS SERVER RULZ

3.VERY IMPORTANT:You have to be in TeamSpeak,when ever you are playing (A clan only be a clan if we play and talk as a team), you can find help for the correct settings here: Teamspeak 3 or in our forum.
3.1 An admin has to add you to the Ts3 memberlist untill this happens you cant join the Noobhunters channels

3.2 After an admin add you PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP from your teamspeak identity (Ts3-->settings-->identities-->export)

You can Download Teamspeak 3 from here: Download
Our Teamspeak 3 server IP & Port :

4. You have from now 2 weeks trialtime, after the trial time theres a member voting if you got more than 50% Yes --> You are in!

5. -NH- Have a partner program called our partners are -->
theINF and XRG clans

Welcome to the Trialtime and i hope to see you soon in ts and ingame! :beer:

See u in tS!!!!! and have a nice time :love:
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Date of registration: Jul 30th 2010

Posts: 2

My Games: Crysis Wars


Saturday, July 31st 2010, 3:59pm


ok thanks, :) :assault:
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Owner | Server Admin

Date of registration: May 2nd 2008

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My Games: Crysis
Crysis Wars
Far Cry 2
Left 4 Dead

Location: Wien

Occupation: IT

Hobbies: Arbeiten


Saturday, July 31st 2010, 6:44pm

Removed reason name abuse.

Sorry aber für manche leute sugeriert der name cheater wir sind cheat free und distanzieren uns zu 100% davon.

Sofern du einen anderen nick wählst kann man ggf über eine wieder aufname reden.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Yours sincerely,
Please CLICK HERE to help pay for the recurring costs of our game servers.
We would greatly appreciate your help!
Visit my private homepage at
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